Security One Federal Credit Union

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

The credit union offers low cost credit life and disability insurance. This insurance protects members and their families in the case of death or disability.

Credit union credit life and disability plans are the best in the industry. In fact, the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit, pro-consumer group, encourages consumers to ONLY purchase credit life and disability from credit unions.

Credit insurance is voluntary and not required to obtain credit.


  • Our low cost Credit Life and Disability insurance saves you money.
  • Our Credit Life and Disability insurance gives you peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of.

Death – If the member dies while insured for life coverage, the insurance company will pay the principal balance of the loan on the date of the member’s death, plus up to 30 days interest due.

Maximum per account – $50,000

Total Disability Insurance Benefit – If the primary member is insured for disability coverage,] the insurance company will pay the minimum monthly payment required on the member’s loan until the member is: no longer disabled, dies, the insured portion of the loan has been repaid, or the balance of the loan has been paid by a lump sum disability.



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