Security One Federal Credit Union

Opening and maintaining this account establishes membership with Security One, thus giving members ownership, voting privileges in their financial institution, and access to additional, exclusive products and services offered. One share equals $25.00, which is the minimum balance that must be maintained to remain a member.


  • Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly, using the daily balance method
  • Members may have payroll deduction deposited into this account
  • NCUA insures the cumulative deposits of savings/checking/TSA accounts up to $250,000
  • Quarterly statements
  • This type account may be used as collateral for a secured loan
  • This account may be used for overdraft protection

Requirement to Open

  • $25 minimum to open


How can we help you achieve your dreams today?
We want to be your partner in achieving financial dreams, so please contact us by phone at 817.273.5900, through email or stop by one of our branch locations for additional information about Security One.

  • ApplyHome EquityRate: 5.50%
  • ApplyAuto LoansRate: 2.49%
  • ApplySignature LoanRate: 12.00%