Security One Federal Credit Union

CU Succeed Teens Club™ is a series of programs designed for teenagers.


  • Must be age 13 to 19
  • Must have a Social Security Card issued in the teen’s name
  • Must have at least one parent or guardian as joint owner


  • CU Succeed Newsletters and the CU Succeed Web Site


  • The teen becomes a member by opening a CU Succeed savings account with a $25.00 deposit

Establish Credit

  • MasterCard or Signature Loan up to $500
  • $100 Cash Back on first vehicle loan with a balance of $5,000 or more (not valid with any other offer)
  • Works with most Student Loan Card Processors
  • Requires a parent/legal guardian as co-signer


How can we help you achieve your dreams today?
We want to be your partner in achieving financial dreams, so please contact us by phone at 817.273.5900, through email or stop by one of our branch locations for additional information about Security One.

  • ApplyHome EquityRate: 5.50%
  • ApplyAuto LoansRate: 2.24%
  • ApplySignature LoanRate: 12.00%